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We need people of God to pray for revival in America.

"Will you not revive us, that your people may rejoice in You?"  --Psalm 85:6

The psalmist is asking God to revive His people, bringing them back to a spiritual life.  The text is a short prayer, with volumes of meaning wrapped up in it.  David doesn't pray about conditions or circumstances but for God's people.  If there be any deep, great work of grace wrought in the world that is lost, then such work of grace will begin in the hearts of God's people.  When God's people are right, things always go well with His work.  Before any great deep work of grace, God's people have waited before Him in confession of sin, in supplication for His grace, in the humbling of hearts, in submission of their wills to Him that He might do for them and with them according to His holy will.  There is no such thing as any great deep.far-reaching work of grace if God's people do not know the mighty means of prayer.

On the Day of Pentecost, the one marvelous thing about that meeting, was that for ten days God's people just prayed.  For ten days they tarried in a quiet place, away from the crowd, waiting in one accord, for the power from on high.  When will we learn the lesson, that it is time gained if we give ourselves to the blessed exercise of prayer?  Not much is going to happen if there is not the moving of the hearts of God's people in prayer.